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Best Place to Buy a Used Car?
Best place to buy a used car?

Where is the best place to buy a used car?
Should I buy my next car from a used car dealership, or from a private party?
We hear these questions all the time. The answer can depend on many things. The simple answer in our opinion is to say that you should buy your next used car from a reputable used car dealership.
Used car dealerships can offer many advantages over buying a car from an individual private party seller. But not just any dealership: instead, you should choose a legitimate, established, well-reviewed used car dealership, for many reasons.
  1. A used car dealership has an interest in treating you fair and honestly. If they want to stay in business then it is in their best interest to develop a good reputation for treating people fairly and honestly. Otherwise customers who are treated poorly will tell other potential customers, and soon the dealership will lose all of it's business. Treating customers fairly leads to repeat business, and word of mouth referrals, which every used car dealership would be proud to have. It can be very hard to discover the reputation of a private party seller.
  2. Buying your next used car from a used car dealership offers you variety: they can have a much larger selection of used cars for sale so you are more likely to find what you are looking for.
  3. Used car dealerships can offer you service after the sale. A large dealership typically has the facilities to handle any issues that arise after you've purchased your car.
  4. Similar to the above, used car dealerships typically also have the facilities to repair most issues with used cars before they sell them. So, not only do you get a bigger selection, but you also get cars that are typically in very good condition (assuming you are dealing with a reputable dealership).
  5. Buying your next used car from an established used car dealer means that you have the opportunity to research the dealership when deciding which car dealer to visit. You can check out their reviews online on Facebook, on Google, and with the Better Business Bureau. It's very hard to do that with a private party seller.
  6. Financing can be an issue when buying a used car. Sometimes it can be hard to find a bank who is willing to loan you the money to buy a used car. And to do so you have to go spend some time at the bank and complete a loan application. If they turn you down, then you have to go to another bank and repeat the process, and all the paperwork. However, when you visit a good used car dealership, they'll often have several used car financing options available, from lenders that specialize in used car sales. It can be a one stop process where you can get both the financing and a good used car, all at once.
  7. Paperwork; lots of paperwork. Buying a used car with an established dealership means that they will also handle all the paperwork for filing sales taxes, and documentation with the state for applying for a license plate and registration.

How to buy a used car and how to choose a used car dealer is the subject of many articles all across the web, such as the one we just linked to from Consumer Reports. Again, finding a great used car for sale can often be made easier by visiting a reputable, established used car dealership. It can be easier in terms of selection, financing, and convenience. Plus you can get the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an established, reviewed business. Did you know that Max Auto Sales is the longest running, A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited dealership in Lafayette, Louisiana? FOR THE BEST USED CAR MAX AUTO SALES IS THE PLACE TO GO!
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