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Brake Jobs
Brakes. Every car has them, every car needs them. The brakes on your car get abused, used, and forgotten about, but they are crucial. Your car has brakes on all four wheels, and they work by squeezing a disc or hub tight enough to create friction and cause the wheel to stop spinning. Think about it: you are rolling down the road in a vehicle that weighs anywhere from 2,500 to 6,500 pounds for most cars and light trucks. It takes a lot of work, a lot of grinding and friction, to bring that weight to a stop. And sometimes we want to stop very quickly and unexpectedly. All this stopping and grinding creates heat and friction, and the friction slowly wears down your brake pads and rotors. Anyone can realize that sooner or later your car's brakes are going to wear out. Your car will need new brake pads or brake shoes and the rotors will have to be turned and resurfaced to make them smooth again. When that happens, it’s time to call Max Auto Sales! We can change your brakes, or fix your brakes, or do a brake job; whatever you want to call it. Depending on the kind of brakes your car has we’ll put on new brake shoes or brake pads, and turn the rotors if necessary, and get you and your car going again, and stopping too!
When it comes to used cars Max Auto Sales does a brake inspection before we let any used car or truck make it on our lot for sale. We want to make sure that car is safe to drive! Our experienced brake technicians will inspect the brakes on all four wheels, look for worn pads and shoes, a cracked rotor, leaking brake calipers and pistons, or worn hoses. Every used car gets a brake inspection, and if it’s time to change them, then we do; simple as that. If the rotors need turning and need to be resurfaced then we do that too! But if the brakes are good and still have some life left in them, then we clean them up just to be sure everything is good to go, or stop in this case :-) .Eitherway when you buy a used car from Max Auto Sales you can rest assured it will have good brakes. There may be 80% life left in the brakes, or there may be 15% life left in them, but we guarantee the brakes will work great. Now, you may ask yourself how can we sell a car with 15% brake life left in them? Well remember we are selling, and you are buying, a used car. It will be a great running, road ready, super clean used car, but it is still a used car. That means it is not new, and that some or all of the components will be used, not at 100 percent new status. If you would prefer us to do a brake job on the car when you buy it in order to bring the brakes up to new condition, we can certainly do that and will be happy to do so, and we can do it at a great rate too! Just ask.
If you are looking for a great used car Max Auto Sales is the place to come! From Lafayette Louisiana, or anywhere in Acadiana it’s worth the drive to Max. Better cars, better prices. At Max Auto Sales, it's all we do.

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