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Sell My Car
Ready to sell your car? Want an honest opinion? Or need a second opinion? Bring it to Max Auto Sales! We are looking to buy good used cars, and we just might buy your car.

Trade Appraisal

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Didn’t like the opinion or the offer from another dealer? Bring it to Max Auto Sales! We’ll let you know if the other offer you received was valid, and we can even explain to you how and why cars are valued the way they are and what is important in the valuation.
We are always looking for great cars in good running condition. Even if your car is not in perfect condition we really want to see it. Whether you just want to sell it outright, or want to trade it in and get something newer, we’ll be happy to look at your car.
Most people really don’t know what the value of their car is. How a car dealership may value you car may be different than how you or your friends would value your car. We’ll give you an honest valuation on the spot; just bring us your car and the current registration.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.
What if the seats are messed up? What if my car needs a little bodywork? What if my car is dirty? No worries, we can still give you an honest opinion. Of course, those things will affect the value but that doesn’t mean your car is worthless or that we wouldn’t buy it. It really depends on a bunch of factors and every car is different. So, what’s the best thing to do? Come on down to Max Auto Sales!
What if you are not looking to sell your car but really what you want to do is trade it in and use it as a down payment on another car? Can you use your car as a down payment on another car, a newer car? Absolutely. Even if the value of the car that you want to trade in is not enough to cover the entire down payment then the value of your used car can be deducted from the required down payment amount on the car you want and you would only have to pay the difference. Fair deal, right? In fact, we’ll even consider the value of two vehicles to make up your down payment. It’s happened before where one of our customers traded in two cars and used them to pay the entire down payment required on their next car!
How do we value your trade in? What are some of the factors we use when figuring out the value of your car? Of course there are many, but here are a few:
1. Mileage
2. Age
3. Condition (rust, dents, scratches, interior wear and tear)
4. What similar cars are selling for at auction
5. Market demand for your particular car
Now keep in mind these are just a few factors but most car dealers will consider these factors at the very least, plus a few others depending on the particular dealership.
So, now that you’ve read the whole article, here’s what it comes down to: We want to buy your used car. Every car dealership will value a car differently depending on each dealership’s own criteria. So, go get an appraisal at another dealership if you like, and then bring your car to Max Auto Sales, you’ll be glad you did!
All appraisals must be done in person at our dealership; no valuation can be given over the phone. Questions? Call us at 337-989-0078; ask for Jim.
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